Silver and Gold



雨の日の週末も楽しくなる。そんな、晴れでも雨でも大活躍な、OUTDOOR BRAND 入荷速報。

本日は,,,”tilak|ティラック 2013AW Last Delivery

P1050189From: the Czech Republic
Since: 1986

Svalbard Vest

P1050172 P1050177

material: ventile cotton
color: cinnamon, olive and black.
price: ¥42,000-
comment: Our Exclusive Model.”Ventile” Fabric is very Cool. You can Enjoy change over the years.

Storm JKT

P1050179 P1050185

material: GORE-TEX
color: olive and carbon.
price: ¥63,000-
comment: Standard Model with New Cutting. Waterproof and Non Stress.

poutnik / Travel JKT

P1050181 P1050187

material: ventile cotton
color: earth and carbon
price: ¥73,500-
comment: New label From “Tilak” For Urban Travelers. Very trimmed Design.


これにて “Tilak” の今期分は入荷終了です,,,


“KLATTER MUSEN” と併せてぜひご覧ください。